The services offered by Nordossola are vast:

Starting point is FTL Transport by road from and for the most important European countries, such as Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Great Britain,
Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Iceland, Hungary, Ukraine, Ireland.

In countries such as Benelux and Germany, we are able to offer quotations and services for flows up to 28-30 tons via Intermodal, thanks to decades of experience in the sector.
Given the continued growth in recent years, the need for new transport solutions is becoming greater than ever!
Our modern organization allows us to interface as an ideal partner for the resolution of problems in handling goods, thanks to our know-how developed over the years and to a flexible and customer-friendly structure.

Over the years we have also developed the transport of oversize and overweight loads for which, thanks to a collaboration with direct partners, we are able to offer at 'standard' rates and services

All of this is flanked by services aimed at partial and groupage cargo, dedicated and express services, Exhibition-Load and also the possibility of carrying out customs service and warehousing of goods.

Obviously, all of our services are also aimed at the national market.

In March 2013, we acquired the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification of our Management System, related to the service:
Transport of goods and containers for national and international third parties.

Mother-tongue staff will be available to manage an impeccable and trustworthy service directly with your customers or suppliers abroad.